Team Dynamics

Regarding the use of Pathfinder as the base sytem.
Pathfinder means Combat! So, what's with all this Roleplay bullshit?
Look – I get it.
Most people assume that DnD systems, of which Pathfinder is an evolution of, means heavy crunch gaming. Or, at least there's a presumption that playing with Pathfinder is going to be bogged down in 'rules'.  And, in order to do anything that roleplay could do in a single sentence is going to be unduly tedious.  Real roleplay games are going to have minimal rules, right? And since this system is crunch heavy its going to be roleplay low.
I think that assumption is shortsighted and lazy but I DO understand the desire to simplify.  There are many rules to learn and there is a minimal desire to learn yet another rule set from which you may get only limited use.  I'm not requiring you to know the rules in extreme depth.  I AM requiring you to be familiar with the tenets of the Near Future Speculative Fiction Tropes and be AWARE of the basic D20 challenge resolution mechanic. [Roll a d20 get a number higher than some Difficulty/Challenge Threshold.]

I will, at your desire, build your basic character for you – which you will then choose to customize, as befits your particular vision of character.  But to be treated to that level of consideration you, as a prospect player, are going to have to hand me a stunning character concept.
First Expectation, – All players will work with each other and maintain mutual player enjoyment. Characters may roleplay conflict with each other, as long as it doesn’t impact any other Player's fun. We are here to play AND have fun, not argue without the possibility of resolution beyond Player versus Player combat. Lets be clear:  I'm less in love with you than I am with my game and have zero tolerance for bullshit excuses like "…but that's what my character would have done." As players you are in control of your character, not the reverse.  Find a way to work with each other and not defecate on the basic tenets of the social contract.

Second Expectation, – Please reread the First Expectation.  Don't know what a social contract is? Perhaps its time you looked that term up. You have Google, go on…I'll wait.

Third Expectation, – Understand that this game is a semi-sandbox style of play. Player’s may choose to write their own script and involve themselves in opportunities that are not specifically aligned with the central plot. You may even explore interests that have nothing to do with any GM designed plot – as long as quorum has declared the same interest.  No lone wolf bullshit will be tolerated unless you give me a good god damn reason why your isolated actions are helping the party.  There are a host story narratives to be discovered, responded and interacted.  If these hooks are ignored it may generate RP consequences for players and create lasting regional repercussions as events unfold in the world. I will do my level best to assure that story hooks will have “something of interest" to each character.  But I cannot hope to generate motivation in plot in the same way a self-motivated player may choose to involve his own character in the story. If you are bored take some personal responsibility to OUR GAME and change the way events in game are unfolding by increasing your involvement in them.

Fourth Expectation, – I will attempt to run the campaign as “real-time” as possible; i.e. If you waste the first half of the week playing video games and trying getting laid…the bad guys will not be waiting for you to show up to thwart them at your convenience. They will continue to do whatever it is in their nature to do, just like real people – while the players are off doing what ever it is you decided to do… instead of changing the course of the oncoming threat.  That being said, players always have the option to ignore the plot actively or pass at a faster speed (thus ignoring the threat via inactive time-slip).

Fifth Expectation, — I will be using home brew rules that I think enhance the game. However I cannot possibly keep track of all good well tested game rules, personal house rules, or alternate system rules; if you know of a better way to do things… speak up, I'd love to know.

Sixth Expectation, – I promise to listen to all arguments, opinions, and ideas about the necessity to have or change specific rules. I encourage you to fight for your view of why and what; anywhere, that is, except 'at the table' once the game is in motion. Pending actual rule changes – I promise I will listen and your opinions will color my own decisions, which is the best I can promise for any rule untested and effect unseen.

Seventh Expectation, – TBA.  As soon as I recognize another presumption I've made about game play, player behavior, or Game Master responsibility. And, if I've not played with you before be assured are more expectations ARE forthcoming.

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Team Dynamics

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