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Cyberpunk 2020 || Cyberpunk 2117

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction in a near future dystopian setting. The focus is on the consequences of technology on social mores and roles.Shared history may feature some fairly advanced technological and extreme scientific achievements. From this point cyberpunk and post cyberpunk reveal essential deviations. The nihilistic presumption of Cyberpunk leading to the destruction of society blends a social denigration of community and the acceptance of style predicated by technology over the substance of humanity. The literature of the rpg has takes many things we take for common usage in real world technologies. And eschews many truths as impossible which have come true. The future form of Cyberpunk has become more of an alternate time line than a revelation of the future. Post cyber punk is a genre that is still possible and mysterious. And this is a a Transhuman, Synthetic Reality story.

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