GM Fundamentals

Here are a couple of facts I'll be up front about which may turn you off about playing in this game. Answers about ME  as a GM you should known in Advance.

1. I'm not afraid of killing my players' characters. No. Really.
This doesn't mean Its going to be a Players vs the GM sort of game  – such a game is fun for no one.  I have included into the mechanics (and plot) a means for players to die and return from the great beyond – it just won't be some nice and easy resurrection without an NPC and 'in game agenda' for having doing so.

2. This plot driven 'safety net' won't last forever.  Nor are the mechanics infallible ….so, yes there always a risk of ultimate failure (and the uncertainty factor won't stop me from killing off characters who take risks). Although…

3. Only though great Risk will a character receive great reward.  If you are unwilling to take a risk with your character or you don't get involved…. you won't advance and you probably won't have a lot of fun at the table either. Not that just talking about the weather can't be fun; just don't expect me to reward you for it. In my opinion people who take risks to perform death defying acts are only amazing when they are actually defying death. Making risk entirely minimized is hardly worth the same level of reward for taking a risk.  That said – you may get experience for figuring out how to minimize the risk.

4. This is a semi-sandbox style of game. Sure, I've got a plot …but you want to do something else? Great. Please don't just talk about doing it, Act on that desire. And don't become upset if the NPC's won't stop talking about the immediate or long reaching plot – that's THEIR reality.  The game agenda is not going to stay on hold until you decide to deal with it. It will continue to move forward, with or with out you….just like real life.

5. I'm used to a certain amount of player rules bickering. I don't necessarily welcome it but its undeniably part and parcel to the whole GM biz. Players don't like certain rules and neither will I (probably), difference being I don't need to convince myself to allow it – yet YOU will need to convince me.  I promise that I will make all effort to tell you in advance of any rule change or alteration that may affect your character concept.  I will post information to a mutually accessible area, if a change is made in game I will contact the specific people affected – but you are equally responsible to maintain your own awareness of rule changes in effect.  If you want to discuss a rule or condition outside game play, I've set up a forum for that purpose. On this website…. Please use it.

6. I'm big on storyline over combat – this doesn't mean combat won't exist.  It means there wont be truly random events perpetrated by thinking beings. If you're in the park after dark you might get attacked by a juicer looking for a quick buck, in a city you might get pick pocketed if you look drunk or stupid or rich or any combination thereof – what you wont get is random combat without reason.
Combat isn't the only way to earn experience. So there's no reason to seek it out just to advance. Frankly, if combat shows up it will be lethal – you may want to avoid it. You'll probably live longer or at least you'll be more likely to have all of your limbs at the end of the day…. if you're bored with out the taste of blood – play Path of Exile.[]

7. I'm big on party inclusion. I reward players who invest other players into game play without me prompting them to do so. Lets not make this harder than it needs to be, ok?  I'm not asking you to interact because you've all got blinking PC signs, I'm asking you to NOT require written reasons (submitted in triplicate) as to why your PC should WANT to work with other characters. Common folk might know who you are before you get a chance to introduce yourself… there is no reason you shouldn't know each other people on sight or when you hear their names.

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GM Fundamentals

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