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Strain is a derived Trait based on a Racial minimum plus the character's Will that determines how much physical, mental or emotional stress a character can take before collapsing.

Wound Points are a derived trait based on a Racial minimum plus the character's Brawn that determines how much physical damage a character can take before passing out or slipping into a coma.

Soak is the protection granted by the clothing or armor a character is wearing and/or the character's natural toughness.

Unless your character has the Unplugged Hindrance, she has a Tendril Access Processor (TAP), and therefore has a built in Firewall. The Firewall protects against attempts to hack a character’s TAP. A character’s Firewall rating starts at 4, but can be modified by Edges, Hindrances, or software.

Fatigue measures the cumulative result of mental and physical exertions placed on a closed system.  Cyberware and Bioware represents permanent stressors placed on the character's system when they are installed but Fatigue can be increased, or decreased, temporarily with drugs and/or therapy.  The Fatigue derived trait starts at zero and stressor that add to it increases the possibility of a chemical psychosis. High levels of Fatigue can lead a psychotic break or cumulate into Death. The upper limit of a character's Fatigue is defined by their natural [Brawn + Presence]/2 + [Willpower]

Alienation ALSO measures the cumulative result of mental and physical exertions placed on a closed system, except it details precisely what mental/rejection a character may have to deal with on a daily basis. Alienation has no upper cap and can be treated like any other mental or pervasive physical illness (with difficulty and persistence).  New Alienation tests are rolled  when ever a character 'installs' a new piece of cyber ware or any time the character performs an action which may be socially rejected. The affect of mental schism should be recorded on the players character sheet.

Street Cred is a measure of your character’s reputation on the streets. All characters begin play with 2 points of Street Cred at the start a new chapter.  This initial permanent total can be modified by their physical location (at the start of the game) and the status of thier obligations. A character's base street cred,  can be increased by the current status of their Obligations (see alternate Obligation rules). Although temporary street cred maybe awarded in addition to experience or during game play depending on interaction with plot. The most any character can normally achieve is a 10 Street Cred.   Street Cred is a point pool that can be spent to obtain services, temporary contacts, information, and a variety of other benefits during the course of an adventure. The BASE pool refreshes each adventure unless circumstances in the prior adventure (like not getting the job done, failing to protect someone, killing an innocent, etc.) cause the character’s score to drop.

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