Character Creation

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The first thing you need to do is decide on a concept for your character. Will you play a mercenary? Perhaps a bounty hunter is more your speed.  A Ronin is an urban warrior who follows his own code of honor. Maybe you want to be the guy (or gal!) who backs the team up with drones capable of laying down covering fire or scouting ahead to see where the bad guys are hiding. 

Although the planet carries a rich tapestry of different ethnicities and different races, the actual physical and mental differences between them are statistically insignificant. The only real noteworthy deviations are those that have broken free from the evolutionary confines of the human species. Despite where on Earth you've lived, the color of your skin or the shape of your body, everything can be altered with the advent of the new science. The five races available for PC's in New Sparta are Synthetic, Hybrid, NeuGen, Replicant, and Tenchic.

Traits are the building blocks of any character. They define how strong or fast your character is, and what she knows. Traits determine how much damage she can take before dying, her standing with others, and a variety of other things, all of which are essential to the game.  {Brawn, Presence, Intellect, Cunning, Agility, Willpower}


Derived Traits are attributes that are created by performing some kind of simple mathematical operation on a characters existing  Primary Traits. Most Characters have some abilities they perform better than others. A Derived Trait can further magnify those differences.

Occupations are integral to your character concept, providing a basic framework to enhance your character’s background in a very organic way, helping you create a more well-rounded character concept. Each occupation has a requirement that the character must meet to take it, the character’s bonus credits they gain each Advance, and a special perk (like gear or special abilities) the character gets for being part of that profession.

Edges are special qualities that separate characters from the average sprawler. Hindrances are physical and mental flaws that add more depth to the character, albeit in a negative way. New Edges and Hindrances are provided later in this chapter.

Starting Credits: This is the amount of money character start with at the beginning of the campaign.  Starting Credits are determined by a character's occupation but each occupation comes with a standard set of Obligation/Duty.  The more Cred your character starts with the more Obligation or Duty is written into your Occupation.
Level of Augment: The Cyberpunk Genre runs from Gutter Punk to Chrome allows the players to start with at least one augment from the core book equal to or below the monetary amount listed.

They say the devil is in the details, and here is where you decide how devilish you’re going to be. You don’t need to write a novel, and frankly, this step isn’t mandatory. That said, it’s a good idea to jot down a few notes on your character’s background, any major events in her life, any friends, the names of contacts, or even enemies she might have.

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Character Creation

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