Basic Character

1.  Create a character you will enjoy playing, one that can be played within a team, and one that benefits the richness of the world/plot.

2.  Be respectful. Feel free to roleplay mortal enemies who have found a way to play inside of a team. But find a way that isn't me (the GM) making you behave by sword point. This shouldn't even need to be a raised issue but here it is anyway. If it happens that you don't really like each other in the real world if you're here at the table I expect to NOT throw epithets at each other – roleplay liking the guy if you MUST.  But lets try to maintain the basic tenets of social behavior around the game OoC.

4. Read as much of this website as you can manage before you float any ideas toward me. I took the time and effort to write out a lot of useful information and be moderately entertaining while I did it – so you wouldn't be blind and weary by the end of it. It will prevent many assumptions that will otherwise waste my time and yours.

5. Play a character who can be part of a Team. Being an Awesome Individual is not sufficient. Your character should be capable of benefiting the team because only very few plots will be solvable using your own talents. (One of the reasons why I will have eliminated some classes.) Flatly – there are RP plots that wont be understood without knowledge other players possess, were given during game play, or had self designed into their own backgrounds. Some plots wont even be possible without specific classes in attendence.

6. Cross the streams.  I've allowed each player to be awesome in their backgrounds and you should be self aware enough to know other awesome people. The players should take advantage of knowing each other in your backgrounds pregame.  It will make things less awkward when you meet each other in game.  I whole heartedly enjoy RP past tense scenes – which is just another opportunity to RP with the group.  It will give you a taste of what's to come and the other player will have a larger reason to trust you during 'current events'.

7. Don't bring your 'B' game. Work, Play. There is a difference. I put work into the game prior to there being one. Do me a solid and don't be a drain during my play time. I'll try to be as entertaining as I can … and perhaps we'll all have a good time.

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Basic Character

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