Rules Unwritten

Initial Premise:

You are a citizen of Columbia Megaplex the most advanced city within the re-unified American Alliance.   You've just re-awakened from a four-year court mandated term of Penal Dormancy.  Congratulations!  Due to the great success due to your active participation in this program your prior convictions have been commuted. You have been translated to a minimum security protocol in the Columbia city Megaplex.  You are not free to leave the facility under your own recognizance, however we have notified Skypool Concorp of your recent availability and a new tomorrow may be closer than you realize!!!.  We, of Alliance Penal Corps (APC), encourage you to resume normal activity in this or modern community.  But we must also warn you to stand ready guard against the behaviors which lead to your initial incarceration, as repeat offenses have automatic convictions with minimal representation. 
GOOD NEWS!!! You have already been enrolled in a voluntary follow up health care initiative. And as long as you maintain a regular schedule to this new program you will be given a stipend to ensure your willing participation.  Thank you and have well day.
[This stipend is NOT sufficient to live on but considering the program grants you access to apparently free health care while you attend – but as it is the only positive income you currently posses you probably shouldn't disregard this offer. But being any PC in my game has the ability to say frak you for any reason at all..]

On your VERY first visit the autopsych would have informed you of precisely what happened during your penal braindance.  And with your signature would have given you the appropriate drugs to allow you to remember your 'first day'. Since then the memory of your imprisonment is easily accessed by you and usually is a highly relaxing experience.  Especially in comparison to your recent freedom.  Within those initial memories you can remember the 9 other people who operated in your 'cell'.   > Insert your fellow PCs' names and identities here. <  and what ever number is left over will be filled in with NPCs.

The penal program was designed to ensure that you, and your time spent in penal support was – extremely productive. For your retraining, for the world, and for the environment – during your tenure - a compliance chip, a short term memory quake, and a sleep conversion register were installed into your memory ports on your brainstem.  In essence every day was your first day. 

While none of your long term memories were written to, your super long term memories could be written to by kinetic repetitive impression.  Your existing long term skills were suppressed and your passive mind (linked via the induction register) was used as extra processing power during the time when your body was inactive. In effect, your mind was only allowed to process extreme short term memory – daily access only.  Through your effort the world is being reclaimed from the brink of nuclear and biological destruction. 
Be proud and thank you for choosing Phoenix Penal Plans. 

OhGod, OhGod, OhGod.  or How all this is going very, very, wrong.

Game system

I am using Edge of the Empire Star Wars Roleplaying game system, re-skinned for a near future modern science fiction dystopian horror genre (cyberpunk). There have been many good interpretations of EotE:SWRPG including ones for Shadowrun and Mass Effect. This will be similar to both; sans any need for common racial variants like mythological races (Orcs, Trolls, what have you) or the need for magic – Arthur C. Clarks 3rd law not with standing.

How to make a character

What is Cyberpunk?

Rules Unwritten

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