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    Cyberpunk is a subgenre of speculative …

  • Rules Unwritten

    Initial Premise:

    You are a citizen of [[Lexicon|Columbia Megaplex]] the most advanced city within the re-unified [[Lexicon|American Alliance]].   You've …

  • Lexicon

    Dormancy - is specialized form of experimental penal service where the character's mind was 'shut down' and their bodies were  controlled by '[[Lexicon|SimSys]]'.   

    The Dark

  • Cyberpunk 2117

    We've all seen numerous cyberpunk-styled rpgs over the years by some VERY intelligent and sophisticated people.  R. Talsorian [Cyberpunk 2020] , FASA [Shadowrun], Steve Jackson [GURPS Cyberpunk, and Iron Crown …

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