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    [[Cyberpunk 2020]]      ||        [[Cyberpunk 2117]]

    Cyberpunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction in a near future dystopian setting. The focus is on the consequences of …

  • Rules Unwritten

    Initial Premise:

    You are a citizen of [[Lexicon|Columbia Megaplex]] the most advanced city within the re-unified [[Lexicon|American Alliance]].   You've …

  • Lexicon

    Dormancy - is specialized form of experimental penal service where the character's mind was 'shut down' and their bodies were  controlled by '[[Lexicon|SimSys]]'.   

    The Dark

  • Cyberpunk 2117

    We've all seen numerous cyberpunk-styled rpgs over the years by some VERY intelligent and sophisticated people.  R. Talsorian [Cyberpunk 2020] , FASA [Shadowrun], Steve Jackson [GURPS Cyberpunk, and Iron Crown …

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    Edge of the Empire - [[EotE|Fundamental Rules]]

    [[Character Creation|How to Build A Character]]

    [[Races]] | [[Roles]] | [[Specializations]] | [[Skills …

  • Character Creation

    [[Menu Hub]]  |  [[Player Content]]

    STEP 1: [[CONCEPT]]
    The first thing you need to do is decide on a concept for your character. Will you play a mercenary? Perhaps a bounty hunter is more your speed.  A Ronin …

  • Player Content

    [[Traits]] | [[Derived Traits]]
    [[Race List]] | [[Role]] 
    [[Class List]] -> [[Specialization Trees]] | [[Paying For Skills]] -> [[Skill List]] | [[Paying For Talents]] ->[[Talents]]
    [[Action List]] | [[ …

  • Paying For Skills

    Training non-career skills

    When you are training skills, you have to pay Experience Points. In order to get one of the five ranks available to you, you have to pay 10x the …

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