Grim Tidings

Cyberpunk? Cool. Wait... isn't that a little dated?
PostCyberpunk (or Near Future Horror).

As you read this site, you're going to realize this campaign isn't the traditional Cyberpunk setting. It's not all about raging against the "Big Bad" mega-corporate machine because they are messing up the entire world. Nor is this just another grim and gritty "living on the edge and celebrating the fact that you survived another run on a corp" type of game.   Sure, those elements will occur in the world as it exists in 2117, but here's the deal.  I want this game to be more than that.

I want the future to be an interpretive projection of our current times the world that exists NOW when you walk out your own front door, or those things you browse the internet.   I want you to be able to viscerally relate to the issues in the world as it exists now, and to do that, we have to draw from what is happening around us in the now, in technology, in culture, rather than rely on what was cool two decades ago.

I must do this because the world we live in today isn't the same world we grew up in; the generation that gave us Cyberpunk. To do this though, we have to ask ourselves "What IS cyberpunk?


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